Musical album / digital sound

Songs for a better world

30 minutes of high quality digital music
(8 songs of approx. 4 minutes each)

A musical message for the planet !

Available in CD & AUDIO TAPE

Produced by HumaniTerre/Canada - Musics by Pascal Davoz
Lyrics and interpretation by Bruno Comby


Titles of the songs : Stress Machine - Atomic Love - Neuroleptiques - Cricket Dance - Equations of Love - Another story

LISTEN TO THE SONGS NOW : click on the song of your choice to listen to it. The complete songs last about 4 minutes each. The download will take about 1 minute at 56 kbps for each song. It is preferable to listen to the music after the loading is completed (playing may be bothered by the loading operation).The .WAV music format is a very common musical format playable by most navigating softwares such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, etc. The selected musical extract will open and play directly on most softwares just by clicking on the song of your choice. Otherwise, a .WAV file containing the selected piece of music will automatically be generated on your hard disk and you will easily find a choice of WAV PLAYERs in shareware on the internet, able to play WAV music files (key words to search for : WAV MUSIC PLAYER). In order to reduce the downloading time as much as possible, the songs proposed here have a low sampling frequency (sound quality: 8 kHz). The songs on the original album are available in high quality CD & audio tape (44 kHz sampling frequency), and can be ordered below.

For prices and to order the CD & AUDIO TAPE : click here for ordering information


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