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Address of the hotel : Hotel "GAROTEL", Brasserie "Le Jaurès", Place de la Gare, 78500 SARTROUVILLE, France

Name of the contact in chief : Monsieur Torche

Location of the hotel : GAROTEL is located at the SARTROUVILLE train station (see the map), in the nice western suburbs of Paris, ideal for working or tourism in Paris, also very near to the famous business area of La Défense. Sartrouville has the reputation of being very convenient for commuting to Paris, because it is very close and well connected to Paris.

Sartrouville is an ideal residence for a short stay at a very reasonable price in the Paris area, to discover the charm of a typical small french city while being close to Paris (metro or train about every 10 minutes), for work, residence or tourism in the Paris area.

Phone for information in French : 01 39 14 12 11 (at the hotel, mainly French spoken, but one of the employees speaks some English).


Price of the rooms (in EUROS, 1 EURO = about 1 US $) :


Number of beds in the room
Price for the room only
Semi-pension (with breakfast+lunch or dinner)
Pension (with breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
2 (with shower/bathroom)
38,20 EUROS/night
is possible
is possible
1 (with shower/bathroom)
30,50 EUROS/night
is possible
is possible
1 (with collective shower)
27,45 EUROS/night
is possible
is possible

Breakfast :
6 Euros
Lunch :
is possible
Dinner :
is possible

Connexion to PARIS : the SARTROUVILLE station (1 minute walking distance from the hotel) is well connected to Paris by rapid metro (RER : Réseau Express Régional - line A3 or A5) and train (SNCF : Société Nationale de Chemins de Fer). The transportation time to the center of Paris is about 20 minutes by rapid metro RER (line A to Etoile-Arc of Triumph) and the same (20 minutes) by SNCF train to Gare St Lazare.

SARTROUVILLE is only 4 stations from the station ETOILE CHARLES DE GAULLE (Arc of Triumph - located in the center of Paris) : 1st station after Paris : La DEFENSE (business area) -> 2nd station : NANTERRE (university/residential area) -> 3rd station : HOUILLES (residential area) -> 4th station : SARTROUVILLE (residential area). Line A3 or A5 of the rapid metro RER (Direction Cergy / Pontoise). See map of metro of the Paris area.

There are many other hotels of touristic type (Hilton, Mercure…), in the historical center of Paris. They are usually much more expensive : small hotels starting at about 50 EUROS/night and a *** hotel for about 100 EUROS/night.


We wish you a pleasant stay in the city of SARTROUVILLE, and a pleasant journey in the Paris area !


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